To run or not ? A Halting problem!

I have been into running for past few years on and off now, not a super-runner who can guide or anything but who said NOOBs can't share their views!! So with that, here are my learnings , which can be beneficial for those of you who want to hit that ground running! 

1. Comparisons are a big No No, especially if you are just starting! I start on track imagining a picture of a horse with blinders on, who only cares about at its own track, not bothered a dime about anything else.

2. Start slow, even if you have the urge to run like Bolt, run slow and steady and this will eventually show in your future runs. I made this mistake of running faster during my initial years and that caused my heart rate to remain high, I have a hard time keeping it to a low but with deliberate attempt to run slow, I see an overall decrease in my heart rate now. 

3. Do not overcomplicate the process by thinking about running strategies, when to take pauses etc. - I did all of this earlier, but in despair. What really worked for me was listening to my body, understanding when it asked me to stop and when it asked me to plunge. 

4. At the end, enjoy the process. There is already a lot you compete in, in life, don't make this one of those struggles.

Remember to not halt before you start that life-long run!